If you are looking for the best alternative investment opportunity and you are an accredited Ultra High Net Worth Investor, single or multi-family office, private equity fund, or an alternative investment advisor who is looking for a low risk, high return investment, we have several opportunities in single picture film investments, as well as a portfolio of films with various exit strategies.

As a non-correlated asset class, media & entertainment outperforms all other asset classes, and a majority of stock indexes.

Investing in film content is not about vanity investing, but applying various hedging strategies that minimize risk and maximize return.

Many alternative investments such as oil & gas, wine, art, hedge funds, and other private investment vehicles have unpredictable and fluctuating returns.

The global film, television, and digital media and entertainment industry is estimated to be $2 Trillion dollars in 2018.

Our investment opportunities allow you to actively participate in premium film & tv investments while having a guaranteed ROI exclusive of revenues.

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