Noci Pictures Entertainment allows a very select and limited number of accredited retail & institutional investors to participate in the best alternative investment opportunity in the convergence of global filmed entertainment & technology.

As an active investor and Executive Producer of film, tv, and digital content, participating investors can allocate their liquid investment across a portfolio of projects with a superior return to stocks, mutual funds, commodities, real estate, tech startups, private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, oil & gas, art, wine, and other private & public investments.

As a non-correlated asset class that is immune to economic conditions, the global film & television industry has outperformed every stock index as of 2014-2015, has a 100% transparency on equity, and, has an aggressive annual preferred ROI on invested equity prior to revenues.

Further, each investment is protected through the use of distribution guarantees, advances, and the monetization of tax credits and tax rebates that offset equity investment so investor’s have an absolute ROI prior to profits.

If you are currently exploring alternative investments, global wealth & asset management, direct private company investments with passive revenue opportunities, or you have always wanted to be in the entertainment business as a producer, please contact us at yuri@noci.com



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