We are currently looking for board members, advisors, and the following media, entertainment, and private equity jobs.  Please ONLY submit your resume to careers@noci.com

CFO & Director Of Private Equity

Need Experienced Hedge Fund, Venture Capital, Alternative Investment, Investment Management, or Private Equity capital raiser for a media & entertainment & digital distribution company involved with the creation of content for film, tv, digital (OTT, VOD, Mobile).

Need a cerebral, reliable, active,  and aggressive deal maker and deal closer with provable capital raising experience and long standing relationships with global HNW investors & institutional equity investors looking for non-correlated and alternative investment opportunities.

Position can initially be remote & consulting

Director / President U.S. Theatrical Distribution

Media Company Looking To Expand Into U.S. Theatrical Distribution with simultaneous convergence of OTT, Digital, PPV, etc is looking for a director or president of theatrical distribution. You must have real life experience in overseeing releases for either studios or indies (Lions Gate, Open Road, Weinstein, Roadside Attractions).  You must have the highest level relationships with exhibitors that you have structured deals with for small and large scale releases and are conscious of all P/A costs associated with DCP.

You must be a strong team leader, but check your ego at the door in working with an evolving startup and you must know how to maximize spends on p/a that does not have the huge overhead of major studios.

You must be an expert in the evolution of release strategies and patterns and know how to formulate an effective window release for 100 screens or 3000 screens and in certain instances maximize use of day and date digital releases with theatrical.

President International Distribution

Spearhead all global film, TV, & OTT sales, licensing, and cross border co-productions & film finance.  Opportunity for current VP or EVP who is looking for senior role and has a superior work ethic in closing deals with meticulous focus .  You must have superior relationships with overseas buyers, bankers, & A-level film producers, directors, actors, and packaging agents that come to you first in evaluating projects for both pre-sales and post-production representation of third party produced content.  You must be able to start generating immediate deal flow and cash flow from a book of clients/projects.  Please send a resume & candid cover letter in confidentiality on why you feel being in a more entrepreneurial & startup environment resonates with your cerebral thinking, quality of life balance with work, and expectations for salary, commission, and possible equity.

President Film Production

Looking for visionary and entrepreneurial President Of Production. You must be a former VP or EVP at a major studio with some follow on commercial hits as a studio EP.  If you were involved with franchises and responsible for identifying source material, please detail that. You must have superior personal relationships with actors and directors and be able to get material to them before the politics of agents and lawyers.  You have experience in A-Z life cycle of film development, finance, production, and distribution.  You are also an expert in efficiency,  operations, and time management of projects without too much bureaucracy and politics.  While you are a ‘type-A’ deal maker, you have a rare Hollywood personality that is built on a high degree of professional and personal ethics and integrity.  You have no ego working under the CEO in a more startup environment.  And you are okay with having a balanced and healthy lifestyle outside of work. Resume, cover letter indicating your professional career and added value within an entrepreneurial environment, salary/equity expectations.

VP Or Consultant For Brand & Advertiser Partnerships

Looking for rockstar  who has provable experience in selling to brands and advertisers for co-funded content in either television, cable, film, digital as stand alone co-funded buy ins or integrated branded entertainment. Ideally you are coming out of the unscripted/alternative reality world, scripted, etc. at an agency , cable tv network, or product placement division at film company and you have a provable track record of presenting proposals, metrics, and upfront sales specific to various television shows, films, or for digital content etc. You have superior relationships with both major brands for big buy ins and the little startups who want smaller buy ins but have a hard time getting places on networks, cable, or studios.

Please email resume, key highlights of advertisers co-funding ad buys, any example proposals that you have done in regards to brand opportunities, metrics, demographics, etc that were sold, and some examples of what percentage of a tv series or film was covered by such buy-ins, and a salary history in a high degree of confidentiality.